Dr. Sandra Carter L.Ac


Dr. Sandra Carter is Internationally, Nationally and State Certified in Chinese Medicine and is no stranger to the healing arts. Dr Carter specializes in men’s health including symptoms of pain management, chronic illness, insomnia and anxiety disorders, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, retro ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation as well as prostate health including enlarged prostate symptoms, post prostatectomy conditions and prostatitis.

Dr. Carter has been trained at the Olympic Sports Medicine Hospital in Beijng, China for Tuina (Chinese Massage), and at Changchuan TCM University Hospital in Changchuan , China for acupuncture helping to treat over a 1000 people there. Dr. Carter, aka, ManyFeathers also offers Native American Healing tools as she is from the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and holds her heritage very dear. A former massage therapist Dr. Carter utilizes her medical intuition and her unique healing techniques are transformative to the many souls she has touched.