Dr Sharyn Allyson LAc DAOM


OK guys it’s time to learn about what really happens when you are experiencing erections and how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help you maintain a healthy sex life.

Lets face it, every man wants to achieve stronger, and longer lasting erections. 

Women are also invested in your sexual potency so they can enjoy a healthy sex life also, well into older age.

Now, we all know of the little blue pills out there but we also know about the   being sudden loss of vision, ringing in your ears, nausea, sweating, irregular heartbeat, swelling in hands and feet and painful prolonged erections. So lets explore why Acupuncture can provide a natural alternative.


The myth that many men believe is that viagra creates erections…..well… actually, viagra doesn’t create erections, viagra is a drug that just stops the erection from fading.  That means, that if you are or were able to get an erection naturally or using viagra then you already have all the right biochemical ingredients. We just need to work on why you are not able to hold the erection for longer.  So don’t be discouraged you are almost there!


One Reason Why You Can Not hold An Erection can be dependent on how much nitric oxide you have triggering off the biochemical cascade that relaxes smooth muscle in the penis creating an erection.  For the engineer minds, this means, if we fix one system a lot of other systems fall into place.  For the medical minds, if we increase the levels of nitric oxide then it will in turn create more cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) that is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscle of the penile tissues.  Viagra stops cGMP from breaking down therefore it works with lower nitric oxide levels but viagra doesn’t solve the initial problem or make you feel better.


So look…. here is a study with results stating that acupuncture can generate nitric oxide in the body. This is interesting to read and is informative to those thinking that this acupuncture thing is still in the land of “woo-woo”. Actually acupuncturists in the USA have completed a 3-4 year masters degree including western and eastern medical classes. People come to us  because western medicine is no longer working.  We see things differently and we give you options. The studies show that higher nitric oxide levels creates more cGMP, the more cGMP, the stronger the erection.


And Look… here is another study that proposes a model for electro-acupuncture inducing nitric oxide levels.



In Acupuncture the term Qi has a role of raising energy.  Blood has the nature of nourishing and moistening. (Maciocia, 2005).

If there is a deficiency of qi in the body, there will not be enough energy to raise the penis.  If there is a deficiency of yin there may not be enough blood or body fluid to fill the penis to become hard.

When acupuncturists assess erectile dysfunction we address qi and blood flow in the body and  also look at the integrity of the kidney, liver, spleen and heart meridians. (Lin, 1992)

Qi, may exhaust due to age, exhaustion, chronic disease, drug use and excessive sex. Blood may be low due to not enough sleep, overthinking or anxiety.


In Chinese medicine the penis is known as the meeting place of the hundred sinews.  Well we knew it was important right? ..and we all like to meet there so that makes sense! The sinews, are the tissues that are related to the liver and the liver meridian encircles the external genitals.  The liver stores the blood and if blood is deficient there will not be enough blood to fill the sinews of the penis.  Stagnant or depressed liver qi may constrict the free flow of qi into the penis.  As the liver is involved with the emotions, psychological components of ED are related to liver function.  Overeating greasy, spicy, sour foods and excessive alcohol intake may also create liver disharmony. (Lin, 1992)

Post-natal qi, is qi accumulated through food, drink, air and lifestyle is transformed and transported through the body by the spleen and stomach.  If the body is unable to produce new blood and qi, there will not be enough qi and blood to fill the sinews for an erection.  (Lin, 1992)

The heart is classified as the emperor and rules the blood. The blood that enters the genitals is sent there by the heart.  The heart’s loss of command over the blood and loss of communication between heart fire and genitalia may be due to a disturbance in the heart. The heart houses the shen know as the spirit in Chinese medicine and if fear and timidity exist surrounding sexual function and relationships, then ED may occur. (Lin, 1992)

Trauma, long-term qi stagnation, cold or phlegm may create blood stasis and slow the free flow of qi and blood into the penis.  (Lin, 1992) This includes vasectomy, or injuries from sports or accidents or prostate removal nerve damage.

So come in and see us to discover if your concern involves qi and blood or if we need to balance your liver, spleen or heart energy.  

Whichever one it is… lets work on boosting your qi and building your blood so that you are experiencing the strongest and longest lasting erections for a satisfying and fulfilling sex life.