Sophia Bouwens L.Ac

Minneapolis Acupuncture Men’s Health


Sophia is a licensed acupuncturist at Minneapolis Acupuncture Men’s Health with a background in neuroscience, hormonal balance and fertility. With a focus on the nervous system, Sophia is motivated by exploring and strengthening the relationship between an individual’s conscious experience of their body and the body’s deeper operative systems.

In the past, Sophia competed in swimming, diving and dance. However, her appreciation and passion for acupuncture came from personal tragedy.  Acupuncture was crucial to her full recovery from a snowboarding accident and a life-threatening car accident from which she had to relearn how to walk, swallow and dress. She is now dedicated to helping others experience the same profound impact of acupuncture.

Sophia has a clinical focus in men’s health and treats concerns of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, prostate health, frequent, urgent, hesitant urination, hernia, body pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety.

Here is a link to a study on Enlarged prostate and how acupuncture can be helpful in relieving symptoms.

Researchers find acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine effective for the alleviation of urinary retention caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a condition often referred to as enlargement of the prostate gland. Benign prostatic hyperplasia often leads to bladder, kidney, and urinary tract disorders. The prostate enlargement may block the flow of urine and cause discomfort or urinary retention. Common symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia include weak urine flow or a stream of urine that starts and stops. Dribbling towards the end of urination or the incomplete emptying of the bladder are also common. There may be difficulty initiating urination, frequent or urgent urination, and nocturia (excessive urination at night).