Dr. Crystal Stokes LAc



I became a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, after I was in an accident and was unable to work or function do to  pain in my neck and back. I worked in an ER at the time and a Dr. I worked with suggested I try Acupuncture.  Not only was my pain relived by 30% the first treatment , by treatment 3 , I was pain free. Allowing me return back to work . When in treatment my Dr. asked me if their was any thing else she could help me with , I said yes migraine  headaches .  I have been Migraine free for 10 years.

This experience changed my life and the direction I was head in . I was in school at the time planning on  becoming a (Physicians Assistant ). I enrolled in East West College of Natural Medicine where I  received my Batchelor of Professional Sciences, and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.

I have been in the Medical field over 18 years .This allowing me to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern Medicine. and with my Western and Eastern Medicine back ground , I was chosen to have a clinic focus in men’s health and treats symptoms of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation, prostate health, frequent, urgent, hesitant, urination, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress etc.  I also offer general health treatments in Neurology Acupuncture, Fertility , Pain relief , Facial Rejuvenation, and  Emotional release.

Acupuncture and Herbal Formulas are a safe , painless and effective way to treat many different conditions. As Your Acupuncture Physician I am  dedicated  to your health , comfort and concerns.