Dr Sharyn Allyson Lac DAOM


So one of the most common questions that we get asked on the phone is “DO YOU STICK NEEDLES IN MY PENIS?”

Well you will be happy to know the answer is NO!

Then you may ask …. how does it work then? After talking to many men on the phone I understand that is can be quite tricky for men to comprehend how acupuncture works if we are not doing a local treatment in the genital area for concerns like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The reason this is, and you will be happy to hear this, is that there is nothing wrong with your genitals. Unless you have encountered an injury of sorts the reason why you are having these concerns is not due to your genitals. It is due to the mechanism behind making them work. Think if you are an electrician, and you are wiring up a light, and the light doesn’t turn on, there is most probably nothing wrong with the light but the wiring might not be working correctly. This wiring to the penile tissues is what we acupuncturist are working on.

The wiring of the genitals is made up by many aspects, the pudendal nerve, blood flow, nitric oxide, cGMP, blood vessels, nervous systems and that is just in western medical terms. If we talk Chinese Medical terms then we will look at the liver channel and qi stagnation, blood stasis, damp heat, spleen deficiency and kidney yin and yang deficiency. How do we work out what part of this wiring is faulty? Well we ask a few questions like do you usually run hot or cold? Do you have cold hands and feet, do you get irritable easily, do you experience night sweats? All these questions help us to determine what part of the wiring we need to treat.

Now you may have heard that there are a few acupuncture points near the genitals. TRUE! These points are called CV1 and GV1 and I am not going to lie guys they are wonderful points to treat concerns associated with the genitals as well as other concerns. Do we HAVE to use them to treat ED and PE?  …NO. Do all practitioners use them?.. NO. These points maybe not necessary due to which part of your wiring we are working on. But believe it or not most men do get results from these points if they are needed and they don’t hurt. Most of you will know CV1 to be in the male g-spot area. This point is also good for prostate health.

One channel vital to good erections is the liver channel. This channel runs up the inside of your leg wraps around the genitals and into the chest. When the energy in this channel gets stuck this is what makes you angry and want to jump out of your car with road rage! Road rage is not good for longer stronger erections!

So let us help you! Come in and see us, you will receive an acupuncture treatment in your initial appointment. You will then know all about what happens in an acupuncture treatment and why we don’t need to put needles in your genitals!