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Acupuncture Ft Lauderdale

Dr. Heather Hickson LAc 503.705.5771 Heather Hickson is a licensed acupuncturist serving the Tri county area of south Florida. Heather received her BA in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University and her MA of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Heather first believed in the power of rocks like the amethyst crystals that lay amongst the Biomat by collecting and examining the healing energy within each rock as a child. At the age of eighteen she started researching ways to heal diseases naturally with determination to find the root problems of all dis-ease. Years went...

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Acupuncture Sarasota

Dr. Cynthia Clark L.Ac 503.705.5771 Dr. Cynthia Clark, Acupuncture Physician and Nutrition Specialist, is a highly skilled acupuncturist, nutrition expert, Herbalist, and Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Cynthia has successfully treated patients with a wide range of health issues, including musculoskeletal, reproductive, psychological, respiratory, digestive and nervous system disorders. Her comprehensive knowledge of herbal safety and herb-pharmaceutical interactions allows her to safely and effectively integrate nutrition and whole food supplements into her treatment programs. Dr. Cynthia earned her Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA, Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, Texas and is a NCCAOM (National...

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Acupuncture Tampa

Dr. Sandra Carter L.Ac 503.705.5771 Dr. Sandra Carter is Internationally, Nationally and State Certified in Chinese Medicine and is no stranger to the healing arts. Dr Carter specializes in men’s health including symptoms of pain management, chronic illness, insomnia and anxiety disorders, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, retro ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation as well as prostate health including enlarged prostate symptoms, post prostatectomy conditions and prostatitis. Dr. Carter has been trained at the Olympic Sports Medicine Hospital in Beijng, China for Tuina (Chinese Massage), and at Changchuan TCM University Hospital in Changchuan , China for acupuncture helping to treat over...

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Hi I’m Dr Sharon Elizabeth Allison LAc I will be the one answering your calls and emails so please feel free to call in with any questions.

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Acupuncture Bend OR

Call me!! I am happy to chat with you about how acupuncture can work for you  Dr Sharon Elizabeth Allison L.AC DAOM