Kierstin Andresen LAc


Kierstin has a desire to spread health and wellness through Traditional Chinese Medicine and Athletic Training services to both athletes and aspiring athletes. As a licensed acupuncturist and certified athletic trainer, she believes the ability to pay attention to our mind, body and spirit when we train as athletes, allows us to achieve our highest potential.

Kierstin has been a competitive athlete since she was in elementary school, never letting others tell her what she can and can’t do. She plays various team sports, including soccer and competes in ski, cycle and running races. Every year she trains for the American Birkebeiner. This year she was 1st place in her age group and 12th female overall in the Pre-Birkie 26K ski race.

Kierstin has a clinical focus in mens health and treats symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, frequent, hesitant, urgent urination.  General symptoms of muscle and joint pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety are also treated with acupuncture.