Premature Ejaculation

Dr Sharyn Allyson Lac


According to the American Urological Association 24-34% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. Some men for their entire lives and for others it can be situational.

Western Medical approaches to treating premature ejaculation are anti-depressive medications, behavioral therapy and penile constriction rings.

Chinese Medicine defines premature ejaculation in a similar manner to Western Medicine. Either ejaculation soon quickly after the initiation of intercourse or before intercourse occurs.

During the Qing dynasty the term premature ejaculation become a common term used. In the text – Record of Pattern Differentiation “ when a man has extreme seminal efflux, as soon as he arrives as a women’s gate”.

In Chinese Medicine premature ejaculation is primarily viewed as a disorder of the heart, liver and kidneys. Semen is considered as the body’s essence, the substance that creates life. The ability to store and discharge essence at will depends on the coordination of the heart, liver and kidneys. When these vital organs are excited by sexual desire the fire of the heart can excite the fire within the liver and kidneys and rapid ejaculation can result.

The kidney qi is responsible for sealing and storing the essence within the kidneys and essence chamber and also the ability of keeping the essence chamber gate closed. As the spleen is responsible for the transformation of our post heaven qi such as food and drink, the depletion of spleen qi can lead to a depletion in kidney qi and the kidneys will be unable to keep the essence chamber gate closed.

In Chinese Medicine we look as associated signs that appear with the main symptom to create the most effective treatment for you. Here are a few on the symptoms you maybe experiencing.  Consider telling your practitioner that you are also experiencing these concerns for quick and more effective results during your acupuncture treatments.

Note – not all symptoms need to be present to fall into one of these patterns.

Pattern differentiations for Premature Ejaculation in Chinese Medicine.

Liver Channel Damp Heat.

Premature ejaculation, hyperactive libido, readily-obtained erections, dizzy head and eyes, bitter taste in mouth, dry throat, yellow-red or turbid urine, heart vexation and propensity to anger, dampness and itching of the scrotum red tongue with slimy yellow fur, stringlike rapid or slippery pulse.


Yin vacuity with hyperactivity of yang

Premature ejaculation, insomnia, readily obtained erections, frequent dream emission, soreness of lower back and knees, heat in the palms of hands and soles of feet, night sweating, small thin red tender tongue with scanty fur, fine rapid pulse.

Heart and Kidney Disharmony

Premature ejaculation, dream emission and seminal efflux, dizziness and lack of strength, palpitations and fearful throbbing, insomnia, copious dreaming, thirst and heart vexation, red facial complexion, short reddish urine with a heat sensation, red tender tongue with a redder tip and fine rapid pulse.

Insecurity of Kidney qi

Premature ejaculation, low libido, soft erections or erectile dysfunction, seminal efflux, less intense orgasmic sensations, clear dilute semen, long clear urination, nocturia, dizzy head and eyes, cold limbs, listlessness of essence spirit, pale tender tongue with white fur, sinking fine weak pulse.

Heart Spleen Dual deficiency

Rapid ejaculation soon after commencing sexual activity, fatigue and lack of strength, emaciation, lusterless facial complexion, loose stools and poor appetite, palpitations and shortness of breath, poor memory, copious dreaming, pale tender tongue with white fur, fine pulse without strength.


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