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Acupuncture Increases Nitric Oxide For Erections

Abstract from a study that Acupucture increases Nitric Oxide. Anesth Analg. 2007 Feb;104(2):301-7. Acupuncture enhances generation of nitric oxide and increases local circulation. Tsuchiya M1, Sato EF, Inoue M, Asada A. Link To Study Nitric oxide is a vital ingredient for healthy blood vessel dilation, this in turn, decreases pain, encourages heart health, encourages stronger erections. Abstract Although it is widely used, the mechanisms and effects of acupuncture on pain are not completely understood. Recently, increased nitric oxide (NO) synthase activity has been found in meridians and acupoints. Because NO is a key regulator of local circulation, and because change in circulation can...

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Acupuncture Alzheimers

Acupuncture Plus Herbs Benefit Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Feb 2 2018 Health Care Medical Institute Acupuncture and herbal medicine provide clinical benefits to patients with Alzheimer’s disease. In three independent investigations, researchers document important findings. In the first investigation, researchers find acupuncture a stabilizing treatment modality. In research published in the Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Yuyue Zhu reports that Alzheimer’s disease patients show modest improvements as a result of receiving warm needle acupuncture. [1] In the report, acupuncture is a means of stabilizing the overall condition of the patient to prevent significant declines in differential diagnostic patterns. Yuyue...

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The Evils In Chinese Medicine

The Three Main Evils Affecting Erectile Dysfunction Dr Sharon Elizabeth Allison LAc DAOM Cold The cold evil, being yin in nature, has the ability to bind and congeal qi and blood. It may enter through the yin channels of the feet and travel up the leg to the genitals and towards the umbilicus, or it may enter the body when eating cold foods. This excess cold may damage the yang‘s dynamic ability in the viscera to transform, and thus the function of the organs can become obstructed.13 According to the Ling Shu: “The foot reverting yin sinew…..follows up the...

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The Seven Passions – Erectile Dysfunction

  The Seven passions in Relation to Erectile Dysfunction Dr Sharon Elizabeth Allison LAc DAOM How we respond to the external stimuli of the world manifests as the seven passions in Chinese medicine. When there is a prolonged or extreme experience of the emotions joy, anger, worry, melancholy, grief, fear and fright they can affect internal organs and disease may result. Each emotion can have a direct effect on the relative organ: anger affects the Liver, joy may effect the Heart, grief can injure the Lungs, and the Kidneys are effected by fear and fright.13 Jing, or essence, is...

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Inhibited Ejaculation

Male Sexual Dysfunction: A Case Study on Inhibited Ejaculation. An Integrated Approach to Healing Using Western Anatomy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr Sharyn Allyson LAc DAOM ABSTRACT Inhibited ejaculation is a less talked about however very distressing sexual dysfunction among men and women. The frustration and relationship impact significantly impairs quality of life. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers treatment modalities to manage this concern on a full body approach addressing associated signs and symptoms that maybe overlooked by a Western approach that often do not provide total relief and are associated with side effects. This case report illustrates a...

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